Politically Correct Bi-racial Hair

I intervened in a conversation between two white woman on twitter who were tut tutting the father of Halle Berry’s child because he “straightened her hair and bleached it to make her look white”. Both insisted that it was “anti-black” and that such a thing would make the child hate herself. This reminds me of the woman who came

#AllOfUs Albany Civil Disobedience Action

“… the people of New York State continue to get denied the most basic essential public services. Decent schools, fair wages, good jobs, and thriving communities for all New Yorkers have not been a priority. Instead Governor Cuomo has placed a 1% agenda that favors campaign contributors, corporations, and the super rich above everyone else.”

St Pats For All

The St Pat’s for all parade has been hosted in the Irish neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens for more than a decade. The parade is open to everyone, including the LGBT community which has been excluded from other parades in the metropolitan area.   The Marching Cobras